Collection: Part 3


24 July Monday

  • First day of this unit, I would like to start with news. Then I come out with 4 themes by analysing what interests me the most and what characteristics news had.
  1. First one is the drama from everyday life. I am curious about why sometimes news is more drama than TV show script and how news influenced our daily life.
  2. Second one is editing. Because I quite enjoy to see different director create different outcome with the same resource. In news industry, it is the same thing. Believing which information is useful involves journalists’ own opines. That is why I think there is no one hundred percent truth / fact.
  3.  The third theme is connection / communication. This theme is focus on how information transmit. News is one of our chat topics. I should observe people and find out when / where / what do we communicate. What are the product that help or obstruct communication?
  • In this project I want to get out of my comfortable zone and try a new approach of design which is conceptual design. In order to make sure I’m in the right direction I took twice tutorial with different tutors. During these tutorials, I find out that explaining my idea to others could help me to understand more about my themes and explore new ideas as well. Right now I quite enjoy tutorial instead of worry about it.

mind map


27th July Thursday

These days I think the most difficult part is explain my themes in short sentences and I don't know which direction I should focus on. It has too many things could be developed. Because this is the first time that I try to developing  3 themes at the same time but I did not master this very well.  Probably it also have something to do with the feature of news which is a really huge topics.

Therefore I attend another tutorial. So I can be inspired more during a discussion and make sure how to narrow down my topic. Today, by going through the materials guide sheet, I can select methods and materials which could narrow down my possible aims.  


3rd August Thursday

Today I watched TED talks. Listening to other's speech is really inspiring. It is excited to find out that experts and I shared some same ideas in these videos, which, make me feel more confident about my opinion. Through these speeches I can receive some professional data and diagrams. However, I think some of videos in TED are too subjective. So I personally prefer the speech that involves reliable research. In general, I do enjoy watching TED talks.



4th August Friday

Today tutor demonstrate a new method of being creative and draw ideas as many as possible, which is combine different information form the collage we made for our own project to draw more sketch and finding inspiration.

When I finding and organizing this collage I considered about the order, characteristic and what I want to show. unexpectedly, most of feedbacks form my peers are about the characteristic of a specific image.

Sadly, I am not good at drawing texture so I stuck in sketch part for a while.


I really enjoy the afternoon session, we can work as a group and make 3D models !!! I like working groups and I do believe this can improve our work efficiency by sharing ideas.  The sweet that we won is the best prove of our teamwork.




9th August Wednesday

I want to restrict the time that people use their phones by installing an alarm clock on them. What if our phone are made by some meltable materials like chocolate or wax. If the phone run for 20 minuets the phone will soon heat up and chocolate or wax will melt and people won't be able to use their phone.

I first material that considered was ice but it is too cold to hold in hands. Actually, if I choose chocolate as my outcome material, the outcome would be a little nasty and I don't know how to reform it if the phone melted. 

I learned a lot in today's contextual practice. Before the analysis session I just my stereotype about chocolate and wax because they are too common in our life. after I treat chocolate as a material instead of a snack I start to find out the meanings behind obvious features



material: wax


material: chocolate

  • Sustainability / Lifecycle of the material


  1. People can extract chocolate from cocoa beans, which grown in tropical zone.
  2. Most cocoa trees are planted in Africa, whose soils might suffer from fertilizer. 
  3. During the manufacturing with chocolate, the packaging will produce some toxic gas and cause pollution.
  4. chocolate can be eaten directly or be added into desserts and drinks. Chocolate can be reformed by melting it first.
  5. Harvesting cocoa pods could bring more money to African and improving their life standard.
  6. reducing the use of plastic packaging and replacing it with paper or other environmental friendly materials.

Paraffin wax:

  1. Paraffin wax derivable from  and produced in factory.
  2. In order to produce paraffin wax, workers need to heat petroleum, coal or oil shale up, which will discharge a huge amount of waste gas. This causes global warming.
  3. Certain danger and toxic while producing the paraffin wax.
  4. Dyed paraffin wax can be made into crayons and candles.


  • How can the material be used in your project ?
  1. Yes, I can use chocolate and  paraffin wax in studio or workshop even in kitchen. They are easy to be melt.
  2. Chocolate is a really common snack that we can buy it from almost every shop.  I bought paraffin wax from Atlantis Art Material Shop and I can buy some candles in waitrose. Because they are the same material. They are not expensive.
  3. I am not sure the glue could join chocolate with other material but I can put other material into a melted hot chocolate. I think the glue works on paraffin wax.



15th August Tuesday

In my progress tutorial,  Tom raised a question that we both concerned which is should I only continue in phone accessory. Because in this project my theme has many potentials and I should be more open minded and consider other products. I know this good for me to try more but it still makes me worry about my project. I will find new inspiration from my previous research and proposal maybe it could be an installation or a huge furniture but the outcome is not less important compared with the concept.


Part 3 Progress Tutorial Feedback


16th August Wednesday


The text that I found for today's test is from the book called critical design. this is a really important article for my research but it's quite academic so I want to use this group seminar time share my research and listen to my peer's opinions 


It's quite interesting to hear some unexpected guess from my group especially when we discuss the meaning of a word and distinguish the boundary of the gray area. this helps me to consider what my audience would think and what the different compare with what I was trying to express.  

Through this training, I think I should focus on some daily objects. Becuase it would be easier for the audience to understand the work if it was linked with their routine. 


analysis test

18th August Friday

This is the first poster I have ever made. But I am not like it. It looks likes the first page of my proposal. The reason why I didn't change my layout is in the criteria we need to include at least 3 research and images of my own work. It is hard for me to organize these different things in one poster. I do try to play with it but the image seems like disordered and confusing. In the end, I just hand in my safe card. I am not good at visualizing ideas into a 2D image. I am glad that my discipline isn't graphic design. At the same time, I also aware of the importance of making t poster, visualizing the idea and mastering Photoshop or InDesign. I think this small project made me get more familiar with this professional software. Compares with Sherry's poster I think the biggest problem that I had is I didn't consider the poster as a whole. And I should work on the background. At first, I thought it has the same principle as the Pecha Kucha's power point that using the white background to be more professional. But I didn't manage it. I will do more research about it to improve my aesthetic.  I think PS and ID could be seen as the compulsory course, which is the things I have to learn. I should ask as many questions as I can when there are so many tutors in foundation plus course. 


the idea of living inside an empty phone


experience of looking through the news and thinking out of box


21st August Monday

Having a tutorial with Gray is really inspiring. We discussed another possible direction which is more like space and interaction design. Because I was planning to build an installation in a plaza where you can find lots of people sitting, chatting or using their phones. This idea focuses on human interaction and I have to think about and design it. And I am excited about it during the discussion I  already had some ideas. However, when I making the action plan there only left one workshop week for me to finish my outcome. I don't have the time to do some research about space design and I have no knowledge about it.  although I love to develop in this idea I have to give it up and find an achievable outcome.  If I have one more week I will definitely work on the direction which is more fit to my proposal. 


self assessment


23th August Wednesday

Reflection on this workshop:

 My grade is only pass that makes me feel a little disappointed. In order to achieve a better grade I have to produce more work by consider more detail  and make realizable action plan for the rest project especially on the week of making  final outcomes. Keep asking myself why i am doing this and thinking about how to realize it. I think my self assessment is not accurate. Because this is my project and I know this better than anyone else, which means sometime I may assessed some work that I in my mind instead of my sketchbook. Yes I do think I achieved most high grade in the area that I most enjoy. 

During the self assessment, I feel like I am so behind because there are plenty of things I haven't updated to workflow and sketchbook. the clock is ticking and I only have 2 day left to finish my outcome. Tomorrow I want to finish it so I can have the time to sand it and make it nicer.

Self assessment could be really helpful because it offers a different perspective to reflect my work and remind me of the things that I forget to considered so I can be aware of where I should developed.


26th August Saturday

Yesterday I made 4 frames with accurate dimension. but I miscalculated one of the glasses. I need a longer wire to bend the shape and 5mm of armature wire is too wide to make a nose pad. buying and making another one is not realistic. This failure is it just an experience that taught me that the limited time doesn't allow me to make any mistake. I must have a clear mind all the time.


 the ideal look for that outcome -light, exaggerated and less

but this is made of iron wire which is an easily deformed material. It also will be stuck with the hair.


29th August Tuesday

The last day to polish my outcome and I still need to find the correct glue to combine metal and plastic. I tried double sided tape (too obvious to see the tape and it is not stable), plastics glue (works amazingly in plastics but not in metal and plastic). 

at last, I find Evo-stik Papid by asking for technician in the workshop. However, I fail for the first time. because the proportion of two glue is not average, which means the combination won't dry no matter how many time I waited. It finally in the third try.

I was thinking like if this r needs to be mass-produced in factories. I will melt them together. but this is hard to repair, which reduced the service life. 


drafts of my editorial text

The starting point for this project is news. All our lives are saturated with communication and we have information overload. Meanwhile, news is always urgent, exaggerated and headlines tweets, and posts simplify information. These days, this makes us feel like real life is more of a drama than a TV show script, partly because the news was exaggerated. we need detail to get the whole story. Sometimes, the viewer will overreact to something, which is another method of exaggeration. Some people spent too much time on social media, which is full of these exaggerated messages and even take a ‘digital detox’. Just because there are no cues to stop.


The aim for the project was to take a conceptual approach, rather than focus on problem solving. The focus was on reminding people about the negative effects by making a critical design product, which is kind like a combination of fine art and product design.


This could have been an installation art, like a huge iPhone without a screen to represent the idea of phone restriction. However, the final design is more suitable for our daily life. Because news and receiving information are part of people’s routines. Then, final outcomes are quite experimental and thought provoking eye wears about helping people to pay more attention to reality. For instance, lens of one glasses is made by two square orange acrylics. The user can look through it and will have the orange part in the center of sight, which expresses the idea of focusing, highlighting and restriction.


editorial texts

We have information overload. All our lives are saturated with communication. Meanwhile, the news is always urgent and exaggerated. Headline tweets and posts simplify information. Sometimes real life seems like more of a drama than a TV show script. We need detail to get the whole story. Often, viewers overreact. Some people spend so much time on social media, surrounded by exaggerated messages, they take a ‘digital detox’. This is because there are no cues to stop.


The project aims to take a conceptual approach, rather than focus on problem-solving. The object was to remind people about the negative effects of news media exaggeration by making a critical or conceptual design product.


The outcome could have been an installation, such as a huge iPhone without a screen to represent the idea of phone restriction. However, the final wearable design is more suited to daily life, because news and receiving information are part of people’s routines. The final outcomes are experimental eye wear intended to provoke thought by helping people pay more attention to reality. With one, two rectangular orange acrylic lenses combine in the centre of sight, focusing, highlighting and restricting the field of vision. Another blocks out much of the world surrounding a small, visible square. The last cuts the horizon through the user's vision.


30th August Wednesday

I came into class today anxious about how I was going to photograph my glasses. I hadn't really thought about it much and was hoping the photographer could help since he knows a lot about how to maximize the function of the product that is being photographed. Wei Yi isn't that comfortable about the flash photography that the photographer will use, which I was concerned about, so during the session, she was very uncomfortable and keep blink which led to this being a very short shoot. The photographer didn't help as much as I thought he would too which is unfortunate but reasonable since I am a product designer and he usually does fashion shoots. I am kind of disappointed because I only have the front view of the glasses since I forgot to ask about the side angles (and because Wei Yi was uncomfortable around the flash which is understandable). I am planning on doing some research about how other product designers take pictures of their designs and I will take my own pictures tomorrow using the white backdrop. During the tutorial with Allister, I realized that I need to start focusing on the meaning of the glasses and not as much on the function of them even though I have a little more than I need to fix. Hopefully tonight, I can finish a rough draft of the publication and mainly organize the pages so I have a direction for tomorrow.


31st August Friday

Karen was worried about me because I didn't bring much work during the tutorial. I feel ashamed that I spent a lot of time on it and without finding out much work. My biggest concern was I found other's work to explaining my theme (because I am used to doing that when I am writing the proposal) so I took a bunch of pictures by myself and made a collage with it. layout bothers me a lot. I need do more research about it.


I finally finished my publication. The process is hard. Because I am not used to using InDesign and created plenty of layers just like what I will do in the photoshop. but there are different so it comes out some bugs. What a painful lesson I created for myself. life should be easier. 



25th July Tuesday

Today we need to find politics and histories that links to our theme. This is not hard for me because I start with news which is full of politics and current events.

However, I’m not quite clear about my 3 themes because they are come from the same topic and link together. I need more time to distinguish the differences all.

Apart from that, tutor and I both agree my collages need to be more visual. I was concentrate on explaining themes by different examples instead of one clear image,  which is the thing I am going to develop in.


26th July Wednesday

  • I been to the California design freedom exhibition in the design museum and visited Tate modern museum.
  • In the morning I was trying to find elements from artist’s and designer’s works which could fit in my themes. Later on, I just start to realize that this might create misunderstanding about the original meanings. This behave also could link to my theme (editing). for instance, sometimes I just like a journalist who select information from mass of data. During the selection I am putting my own view or point into the news I will write.
  • The most interest thing I saw today is a group of blind people in Tate Modern. It has touched me deeply to see how these people feel art, especially when they came into a section that only have drawings. There is a tour guide who basically just describing the colour and elements in one drawing. Maybe the ‘words version’ of drawing could give us more information to imagine than glance at it. It remains me the drawing session in last month. 


28th July Friday

Sustainability is today's topic and it is also the fist time I ever consider the aspect. Firstly, I am not quite familiar with it. Secondly, I feel like my theme more like a social phenomenon instead of a bag or a chair that showed as an example in tutor's powerpoint. That's why I think my first try is not good. I still glad I can work on this before I attend my BA course, it offers me a new and necessary aspect that I have to think about. It also help me to design a more complete products.




After I finished this diagram I start to realize most feature are negative things, which means I prefer to work on warning people about it or helping people prevent form it.


31st July Monday

Today I feel like many ideas are quite random but they link together somehow. Some of my ideas are the social facts. I am not sure whether it could count as my ideas.  In order to relate with my discipline I decide to consider about how to solving these social problems by products and in a conceptual way. For example, an useless phone or a ticking time bomb that looks like a phone.


1st August Tuesday

Writing my framework helps me to organize my theme, today I finally could explain my final theme to others in steps by steps and logical way .

Right now my theme have 3 different directions, which is overload, oversize and the exaggerated information . Actually some ideas were come from other themes  that I worked on in last week.

Basically, instead of choosing one theme to develop on, I combine 3 themes. I am excited about this new method of design and feel like there are so many things I would do. Tomorrow I should focus on researching some product design works that could link with exaggeration.




2nd August Wednesday

I feel quite confident about my section 1,2, 3 in my proposal and right now I need to explore more on research part. Actually I think the most hard part in writing proposal is writing the concept. Due to the limitation of words I have to include my inspiration, what I am interest in and what I want to express.So far in this project, I think my theme is suitable for a 7 weeks project. because it has so many potentials and I need to narrow down.

When I filling this spider diagram this morning, I feel like history context is the hardest part for mr to writ. Because most of my  history context that I researched before also is political and ethical context. After I fill political and ethical context, I need to do other research. Therefore, I find some art work on design website.


7th August Monday


Today is quite a rich and busy day. Exploring 3 possible aims and draw serious of ideas sketches. I come out with some 'crazy' ideas that match my theme. my favorite one is a phone that made by ice or slime which would melt or become sticky if people use this phone for a long time. ( like 30 mins) The hardest one to make it into 3D would be the idea of whenever you press the home button a phone accessory will press lock button at the same time. these ideas are based on how to reduce the time that people wasted on the phone.  


Although today is a  very busy day and  I feel quite stressful I still really enjoy it. because I pushed myself and produced  many ideas


After having a tutorial with Georgia I need to decide the way to reduce the time people wasted on phone. 

Personal I prefer the punishment because of the ice phone idea. I need do some research about the material that can melt in human body temperature.


07/08 tutorial


8th August Tuesday

I spent most of my time on researching materials. the materials I want to find should able to melt in our hands. This is because I want the material turn into liquid or become soft when we touched it for 10 minutes. Maybe the time of holding phone would be decline if  these kind of materials can apply in our phones. This reminds me of chocolate and I fond surgru in material library.


10th August Tuesday

I was trying to make a sand clock tomorrow but I just can't find the proper sand and I already spent a lot of time on distinguishing different types of sand. When I almost give up I just remember of the lava lamp, which probably will lighter than sand. I only took 15 minutes to make this experiment and the out come seems like what I want to have. We can see through it and find a clear line for two layers. I am quite confident about tomorrow.


11th August Friday

My aim for today is making a model in time and making sure it works. my outcome included vegetable oil and colored water so the model has to be accurate. Otherwise, every liquid will leak.

Well, I guess worst thing happens all the time and this was no exception. it leaks everywhere. I think the problem is I didn't stick 2 slides in the base layer of the screen cover.

if I have more time I would like to make another one which defiantly is more reliable than this one.

By the way, the action plan that I wrote yesterday is a fairy tale. I won't be able to finish everything in 2 hours. With this experience, I will be more realistic and know cutting an acrylic frame will spend almost 30 minutes instead of 10 mins.



one day workshop


one day workshop

新文档 2017-08-14_3.jpg

14th August Monday

I am excited about today's poster session. I want to learn more about graphic design which would improve my ability of visualizing ideas. however it is quite hard for me because there so many things I need to consider. I want my poster neat and tidy which limited my creativity. Layout is the hardest aspect for me, I need to be bolder and just play with it to see what will happen. In the rest of day I am working on my sketch book. In week 2 my aim and content changed a lot while I writing the proposal. but I didn't explain the change in sketchbook.


17th August Tuesday

Since last progress tutorial, I start questioning myself what I am trying to approach. so I applied another tutorial straight away. But after that I know it's wrong to ask tutor making a decision for me. Eventually, this is my project and I was trying to avoid being affected by others. It is irresponsible to treat my own project in this way. Naomi help me go through my proposal and find the key word, concept, problem, and aim. So I review my proposal trying to go back to find what interest me at first. And I decided to focus on making glasses. Firstly, I need to jump out of phone idea and I need to connect everything to our daily life. Glasses itself already is another feature that represents  'digital detox'. 




experiment about magnify vision


magnifying sheet that could be the lens of glasses


action plan for model making week


I didn't write very clear and it's quite personal. Basically, my plan is making outcome per day.

However, this isn't working quite well. Becuase it's too broad. So I start to make action plan daily, in order to be more detailed. 








24th August Thursday

I was at the end of the tutorial list. So I was trying to bring a completed outcome to tutor. But I always not satisfied with my work; it looks like an experiment rather than a fine outcome. I hoping the tutor could give some suggestion about how to improve it. At 16:50 It was my turn, at last, tutor do think it is crazy glasses (in order to fit my theme: exaggeration) but it is no reason for that. I was just trying to fit the feature of my theme. 

??? 2017-08-31_1.jpg

Finally, I chose this sketch as my final outcome because it is fully developed and less is more. Unfortunately, the art shop and workshop already closed. I think if I organize the time quite well and make use of the weekend I can produce serious collection.

the things I must do tonight

  1. Make sure the location, opening time and how can I get to the acrylic material shop.
  2. Bending the armature wire (looks like stainless steel but it is softer and I can bend it without the machine in workshop )as the frame of glasses
  3. Finishing all the final drawings for glasses collection
  4. recording everything on the sketchbook.

25th August Friday

I bought all the acrylics and back to SCM in time. By the way, I didn't buy the colour I wanted most because I can't wait here for 2 hours. In order to make full use of workshop time, I start with the things I can't do at home. 

  1. cutting the acrylics 
  2. using the sanding machine
  3. sawing the armature wire 
  4. using the hammer to adjust the frame


The craziest day I ever had don't even have the time to breathe. everything changes too quick. I wish I will never go through this again. Next time I will definitely make a decision before fully considered. 




Poster Text

Xiao Liang

BA(Hons.) Product Design, Central Saint Martins

Project title: Exaggeration

Summary: We are constantly surrounded by news that is meant to provoke an exaggerated and designed reaction. This project is a series of experimental eye wear intended to provoke thoughts about how we choose to perceive reality. One of the series are rectangular orange lenses combined in the centre of sight; focusing, highlighting and restricting the field of vision. Another blocks out much of the world, leaving a small, visible square for the viewer to look out of. The last cuts the horizon through the user’s vision. These three glasses are intended to remind the user about the negative effects of media exaggeration by restricting and limiting the user’s vision.

One key word: Exaggeration


1st September Friday

The last day for foundation plus, I didn't realize until we cleaned our studio. I was busy in changing my final evaluation. however, this is not the last working day for me I lifter so many things behind. For example, the reason why my outcome changed so much is not in my sketch book yet. An achievable action plan becomes more important than any other time. wish me luck.  Writing daily reflection already become my routine. but it is easy to become a personal diary.  I need to go back and  use the prompts all the time.



Final Evaluation

Writing my own brief help me set clear goals and make sure I am on the right track. Actually, the first draft was not satisficing. Because I wanted to show everything I had, which makes my proposal too long and less interesting. Therefore, I noticed that I need to use the simplest sentences to explain some complicated content. This idea also influenced me in developing process. For example, I chose to use the elements like simple geometric shapes and the straight line on my outcome. In order to express the idea of exaggeration by these contrast. Because people tend to notice the simple and small things in a huge clean background.

To be honest, the first time I re-read my brief I find a big difference between what I was doing at that moment and my plan. I am glad I realized it in an early stage so I can go back on track. Later on, I re-read my brief as many as I can to keep reflecting. Thanks to that I think I have done what I set out to do. 

The most important research is camera restrict, which inspired me of limiting the user’s vision. In order to express the idea of looking through the exaggerated information and going back to the reality. Instead of stopping people using their phone no matter what circumstances they are.

Every time I reached a goal I will analysis it and find out what I might miss and what I can improve. nothing is perfect so I can always figure it out what I can do. This is how I developed my ideas and designs.

In this project, I used to focus on finding a solution for information overload and I tried to show it by designing glasses. Because we receive most of the information for eyes and glasses are closer to daily life. The outcomes are series of experimental eye wears intended to provoke thoughts about how we choose to perceive reality. One of the series is rectangular orange lenses combined in the centre of sight, focusing, highlighting and restricting the field of vision. Another blocks out much of the world, leaving a small, visible square for the viewer to look out of. The last cuts the horizon through the user’s vision. These three glasses are intended to remind the user about the negative effects of media exaggeration by restricting and limiting the user’s vision.

I do fully complete my models that based on my sketches and plan but I believe there is always something could be developed. For example, I could work on how to make it more comfortable when people wear them.

The materials that I chose are acrylic and armature wire, which is really soft and can be bent by hand but it looks like stainless steel. The reason why I chose this material is I can bend it without workshop's machine 

If it is possible I would like to use carbon steel as my frame of the glasses. Because compared to carbon steel, armature wire is unserviceable. It is easy to leave marks and distortion and too cold to wear it on the face when the winter is here.

This is the first time I make a publication and this also is the first time I use Indesign. I feel very strange so I think challenging would be the unfamiliar interface. due to that, I feel like the biggest success would be the accomplishment of making the publication.

I do make action plan but I followed none of them. I am not intended to break the rule. Firstly, I was making some impractical action plan by miscalculating the time. secondly, everything changed too quickly I have to follow another cause.  I think action plan for a day would solve this problem 

The reflective journal does help me reflecting and developing my project. Without it, I probably won't have this project. Practice this every day improved my writing ability. However, personally, I think this is time-consuming and it is easy for me to follow a same logical approach. some times I will say the same information that I said on my sketchbook.  

The hardest part of this project would be how to make a dissension. Most of the time I can't make a decision is because my ideas are quite similar. They all based on the same thing and superficial. This action always wastes a lot of time.

The best I will we've achieved in this project is I do have done what I set out to do. And I am so proud of myself that all the English I wrote in this course is more than I wrote in my previous high school.

In this project, I force myself quite hard for achieving more ideas and I tried a different design approach which would make me feel more confident about my ideas in BA course. 



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